Most of the students on Senac Santa Cruz do Sul's IT courses find jobs after graduating.

"Senac Santa Cruz do Sul: Training Technology Professionals with High Employability"

Brazil should have almost 673,500 new IT jobs by 2025, says Brasscom

The Association of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Digital Technology Companies (Brasscom) recently announced that Brazil should have almost 673,500 new vacancies in the Information Technology (IT) area by the year 2025. Given this promising scenario, training qualified professionals is essential to meet the demands of the job market.

One of the educational institutions that stands out in this regard is the Senac Santa Cruz School, which offers a variety of courses in the field of technology. According to the coordinator of Senac's Technology Courses, Nairo A. J. Sanches, investing in a career in IT can be extremely promising these days, when technology is present in every aspect of life.

Differentiated methodology and high employability

One of the highlights of Senac Santa Cruz's courses is the unique methodology adopted by the institution, which integrates partner companies directly into the classroom. This gives students the opportunity to face real problems and experience authentic situations in the workplace, preparing them for the challenges of the IT market from the first day of class.

According to the coordinator, between 80 and 90% of the students who graduate from Senac's courses go straight into the job market, reflecting the institution's commitment to preparing qualified professionals who are ready to meet the demands of the sector. In addition, the teachers, who have vast experience in the field, enrich the students' learning process, contributing to the high employability of the graduates.

Example of success: Bárbara Marques

One example of success in the area is 19-year-old student Bárbara Marques, who after graduating from Senac's Programming Logic course is already working in technical support for the Sellflux company. Bárbara highlights the quality of the school's structure and the support of the teachers, who have been fundamental in her professional journey.

The operations director at Sellflux, Jader Machado, emphasizes the importance of training in technology for employees to adapt quickly and deliver results. He highlights the performance of Bárbara, who has shown great willingness and ease in learning, contributing to the company's success.

Check out the courses and sign up for a discount

Senac Santa Cruz offers several courses in the technology area, such as Computer Technician, Programming Logic and Web Development - Front End. Registration is open and, until March 11, the institution is offering 10% discounts on classroom courses during its Back to School Campaign.

For more information and to register, those interested can visit the Senac Santa Cruz do Sul website or go in person to the school, located at Rua Venâncio Aires, 300, in the Centro district. Don't miss out on the opportunity to gain qualifications and enter a promising career in technology!

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