20 years of development culminate in a breathless fight for survival.

“Dunkirk: A obra-prima de Christopher Nolan que retrata a angústia da guerra”

Although all war movies obviously share a common theme, they can be captivating in a thousand different ways. While some directors shock with explicit bloodshed, Christopher Nolan takes a different approach: his masterpiece, Dunkirk, unleashes a storm of helplessness, trauma, and fear as nearly half a million soldiers try to stay alive on the coast of the North Sea. The 2017 standout film is available for streaming on Prime Video.

The Christopher Nolan war film has a long history

Dunkirk is set in 1940 in the French town of Dunkirk, which was surrounded by the German army. Nearly half a million Allied soldiers are trapped on the beach and exposed to constant air attacks. Across the English Channel, a group of civilians set out to rescue the stranded soldiers.

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As reported by Page Six in a conversation with Christopher Nolan, the director carried the film with him for 20 years. Long before Dunkirk actually took shape, he and his wife sailed the distance to Dunkirk, which the British privateers face in the film. According to Nolan, the journey lasted over 18 hours. The experience provided both of them with “great respect for what really happened.”

Christopher Nolan tells the story of Dunkirk in three timelines. What seems complex is expressed in the film as an ex…

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