How did Virgínia achieve success on SBT? With ratings on the rise, influencer reveals her critical attitude towards the program: 'I always seek...'

"Virgínia Fonseca reveals the secret of her success at SBT"

Virgínia Fonseca is conquering the public and SBT's audience numbers with her show 'Sabadou com Virgínia'. The influencer revealed the secret of her success in an exclusive interview and reflected on the criticism she receives on a daily basis.

With a demanding attitude behind the scenes, Virgínia stressed the importance of watching the programs before they go on air, being self-critical and always trying to increase the dynamism and naturalness of her lines. This dedication has ensured the show's high performance on television.

Even with her success, the presenter keeps her feet on the ground and tries not to get carried away by the pressure for ratings. She emphasizes the importance of maintaining her essence and truth, seeing television as a new challenge that requires patience, hard work and dedication.

In addition, Virgínia reflected on the criticism she receives on social media and celebrated the special moment she is experiencing on TV. With her striking presence and exposed intimacy, the influencer has won over audiences and boosted SBT's ratings.

With so many achievements and a promising future, Virgínia Fonseca stands out as one of the broadcaster's new bets and promises to continue surprising audiences with her charisma and talent. Don't miss the news and follow Virgínia's success on SBT closely!

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