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As principais indicações de filmes de Fernanda Bande no BBB 24 e onde assisti-los

Fernanda Bande has made it clear that she is the biggest movie buff in BBB 24. The carioca is frequently talking about movies she likes or relating the plots to situations that happen in the reality show. Several of the titles mentioned and recommended by the participant are available on streaming platforms.

Notícias da TV now lists the main movie recommendations that Fernanda made on BBB 24 and indicates where they can be watched. Check it out:

Starring Joaquin Phoenix, who delivered one of the most striking performances of his career, Joker received praise from Fernanda. “It’s a good movie. It’s kind of ‘depressing’, but it has that iconic staircase scene,” she said.

Joker, a film that shows the origin of Batman’s antagonist, is available on Max.

Estômago (2007)

Shortly after Fernanda mentioned Estômago on BBB 24, last Tuesday (19), the film had a peak in searches on Google. The story revolves around Raimundo (João Miguel), a man who moves to the big city and starts working as a janitor, but discovers he has a talent for cooking. Throughout the plot, however, his situation with the police complicates.

Estômago is available on Netflix, Globoplay, and Prime Video.

127 Hours (2010)

The moment when Fernanda compared the movie 127 Hours to her relationship with Beatriz Reis has already been marked in the history of Big Brother Brasil. In the film, the protagonist gets his arm trapped in a rock and needs to cut it off if he wants to survive. In the reality show, Fernanda said she wouldn’t be able to spend 127 hours with Bia and that she would cut off her own arm in just five seconds to get away from the rival.

127 Hours is available on Star+.

Moulin Rouge (2001)

Fernanda’s party was inspired by the movie Moulin Rouge – Love in Red and the burlesque aesthetic. “It has a lot of sparkle, glamour, and luxury,” she commented on the film, in which a young writer falls in love with the most famous courtesan in France.

Moulin Rouge is available on Star+.

Fernanda related the villain from Mean Girls, Regina George (Rachel McAdams), to Alane Dias, her enemy in BBB. She also compared the “plastics” group from the movie to the fairies in the reality show: “People can’t sit at their table, and they are always the prom queens along with the school boy.”

Mean Girls is available on Netflix, Paramount+, and Telecine.

The Grinch (2000)

The classic about the grumpy character who hates Christmas is also on Fernanda’s list of favorite movies. She strongly praised Jim Carrey’s performance in the lead role. “His performance is sensational! I don’t know how he didn’t win an Oscar for it,” she said.

The Grinch is available on Globoplay, Prime Video, and Telecine.

The Shining (1980)

One of the most famous, scary, and acclaimed horror films in cinema history, The Shining was also mentioned by the baker. In the film, a family moves to an empty and isolated hotel from civilization, and supernatural phenomena begin to affect them. “There’s a cursed hotel, there are some little girls. Endless madness! He (the protagonist) becomes paranoid,” explained Fernanda.

The Shining is available on Max.

Bingo: The King of the Mornings (2017)

In addition to Estômago, Fernanda showed that she appreciates Brazilian cinema and also mentioned Bingo: The King of the Mornings. “The clown is ‘so’ cool on TV and, behind the scenes, he is an alcoholic,” she said about the film that narrates the story of Arlindo Barreto, who played the Bozo clown.

Bingo: The King of the Mornings is available on Max.

The Revenant (2015)

Fernanda praised Leonardo DiCaprio’s performance in The Revenant, a film in which he plays a hunter and has a memorable fight scene with a bear. It was the film that finally earned the Titanic (1997) heartthrob his long-awaited Oscar.

The Revenant is available on Netflix and Star+

Luca (2021)

The baker made it clear that she also loves children’s movies and animations. Among her favorites is Luca, whose story revolves around a sea creature dreaming of experiencing life on the surface. “The fish’s dream is to buy a moped! This movie is really cool,” she declared.

Luca is available on Disney+.


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